I don’t remember when it started, but at some point in the last five years, I began using photography as a means to explore a place. I believe that with photography, one is always getting to know new areas, or at the very least getting new perspectives on old areas, but it isn’t always with the end result being exploration; I usually find that I tend to explore in order to create photos, yet there are moments when I begin to subconsciously use photography as a method of familiarising myself with my surroundings. In this case, my room.

The images in this post are just that. I wasn’t planning them, I wasn’t looking to create photos for any particular reason; these photos are my way of mapping my surroundings, of seeing how the light hits the far wall at each hour of the day, how the moon’s trajectory changes each week, how much of my room fits into a 0.72 magnification viewfinder. These images are a byproduct, happy little accidents resulting from the process of discovering a new place.

These are only five frames from a single roll; I still have multiple images in this theme spread across various rolls that I have yet to develop. I wouldn’t call it a project (yet), but I am looking forward to compiling the images at the end of my stay. It will be nice to have a documentation of my time spent here, a time where I could call this little room home.

~ Simón

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