Initially only available through the CINESTILL FILM MAKER Campaign at, the motion-to-still-photography company, CineStill have announced the launch of 400Dynamic, a 400 ISO daylight-balanced color negative film in both 35mm and 120 medium format and later, in 4×5 large format.

Expected (initially) in limited supply, the new film stock’s release is supported by a crowdfunding campaign run directly from the firm’s website (link above).

CineStill describes 400D as “a fine grain film that delivers a soft color palette with natural saturated color and rich, warm skin tones. The film has a wide dynamic range, with a base sensitivity of ISO 400 but can be rated from 200 to 800, and it can be pushed up to 3200.”

I’ve very limited information on what’s behind the film itself but given the nature of their existing motion-picture-made-still-photography films, I would suggest it’s pretty safe to say that 400D is remjet-less Kodak VISION3 250D (5207) — one of my all-time favourite colour film stocks bar none. However…

Sample shots follow (credits in the captions/watermarks).

…CineStill have made it clear that:

CineStill 400D was specifically designed for still photography, to be processed in C-41 chemistry by any photo lab or at home.

In addition, it also features a process-surviving anti-static lubricant coating that will make it an ideal film for both manual SLRs and automatic winding cameras. This new film will continue CineStill’s ongoing tradition of motion picture film emulsions made for still photographers, so that they can maximize their creativity and produce remarkable images that express who they are as a photographer.

Well, well. Colour me very, very intrigued indeed.

There’s not much to say aside from repeating that the film is available via a preorder concepts as part of a crowdfunding campaign, which is a similar model to how CineStill and other smaller film companies have approached new products in recent years.

The difference here (and similar to ADOX’s COLOR MISSION film), is that supporters of the campaign will be among the first in the world to receive film from the first batch of 400D (in both 35mm and 120). I.e. Preorders will be shipped immediately after the culmination of the campaign.

Additional sample shots follow (credits in the captions/watermarks).

Personally, I can’t wait and will be adding my name to the campaign to get my hands on a few rolls to these here for EMULSIVE!

Thanks for reading, what a DAY.

~ EM

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