Charlotte and Emma (above) represented us at our first ever industry awards last week, the Amateur Photographer Awards. And we were over-the-moon to win their ‘Good Service’ award for 2023! 🤩

In the words of Amateur Photographer’s nomination form: “AP’s long-standing Good Service Awards reward those photographic retailers who go the extra mile with this well-deserved and highly coveted accolade.

“When a retailer gets our award, you can be confident that you will be treated as a valued customer. Often, you can also develop a long-term relationship with the best retailers, who will continue to support and advise you as your photographic priorities change and grow.”


Analogue Wonderland: Good Service Award winner 2023



Flying the Flag for Film


This reflects feedback and nominations from all our customers – including folks who have bought film, cameras, or darkroom equipment from us – and those who have used our film processing lab to develop their film.

We’re especially proud of winning this award for two reasons:

1) It was voted for by the UK photography public – so it is purely thanks to you and all our wonderful customers that we have been recognised in this way

2) It is the first time a pure-analogue company has won the awards since the dawn of digital! So we felt a particular pride to be representing the film community in a room full of (fantastic) digital and hybrid companies and photographers

And while we know that we don’t always get everything 100% right, the recognition that we’re by your side throughout your analogue adventures means the world.


Emma with the AP Awards Good Service Award for 2023



Emma’s Acceptance Speech in full 😅 


“Analogue Wonderland was founded by mother and son duo, Mary and Paul Mckay back in 2018, with the aim of making film photography fun and accessible for everyone. They are both sorry they couldn’t be here tonight, but we have promised them we would capture the evening on film!

“We would like to thank the incredible film community for your vote. The enthusiasm, creativity, passion and knowledge of you all inspires us everyday.

“None of us in this room would be here without film photography, it is where all our journeys began. In a world where digital technology is at the forefront of everything (chat gpt could even be credited in this speech) we are proud to be keeping film alive!

“There is something magical about the process of shooting film and developing the images – that mixture of light and chemicals that cannot be replicated. We are honored to be recognized as a company that still believes in the beauty and artistry of analogue photography.

“We promise to keep championing our corner of the photography industry, to support the film community and continue to showcase the diverse range of talent that thrives in film!”

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