Initially, Cheng was going to shoot Blue Bayou, but production delays and a scheduling conflict arose which led to him being replaced by Chuang. “Ante became available again and I was like, ‘Do you guys mind if I have best of both worlds?'” chuckles Chon. “It was a true partnership among the three of us. Also, there was second unit so if we needed to get something shot, one of them could go and get it, and we’d know that it is going to be good.” Cheng and Chuang stayed in the same Airbnb. “We were together hip to hip almost the entire time,” chuckles Chuang. “It was interesting having the two of us because we would discuss things. Does it feel right going with this particular stock for that specific scene? I feel like we’ve all grown as filmmakers by this whole process. We knew that Justin had a big task ahead not only directing but being the lead actor and the writer. Ante and I were there to support Justin.” There were no monitors. “I don’t like anybody watching playbacks because that’s precious time that we can spend shooting another take,” reveals Chon. “We were going for it. Sometimes I asked Ante and Matt, ‘Do we need another take?’ I tried to get as much rehearsal time as I could with the little girl who plays my stepdaughter and my friends in the film because you can’t be arguing or discussing on set on the day.”

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