It’s beginning to look a lot like Film-mas! Are you looking for the perfect gift for the film photographer in your life, or maybe just fancy treating yourself this festive season? Whether you’re shopping for a beginner, a film photographer looking to experiment, a home developer or just need some stocking fillers, our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide has you covered.


Brand New In The World Of Film Photography
Film And Camera Bundles
Gifts For Film Photography Beginners
Gifts For Experimental Film Photographers
Gift A 35mm Film Subscription Box
Gifts On A Budget
Gifts For Book Worms
Gifts For Film Processing
Gift Vouchers


Brand New In The World Of Film Photography

Let’s start with some of the brand new products in the world of analogue photography. 

The LomoApparat is the latest Lomography film camera and your new favourite creative companion. With FREE UK shipping from Analogue Wonderland! Incredibly easy to use for analogue newbies and pros alike, this compact and lightweight camera is packed with features to elevate your daily shooting.

LomoApparat 35mm Film Camera

CineStill 400D is a brand new emulsion from CineStill and we are super excited about it. It is available in both 35mm and 120 Film formats.

CineStill 400D

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Film and Camera Bundles

We have created some hand-picked bundles of our favourite films, cameras and accessories! These are perfect for beginners who are working out where to start in the wonderful world of film. 

Gifts For Film Photography Beginners

If you are looking for a beginner bundle with a camera then we recommend the Beginner Bundle – 35mm Film and Camera. This is the perfect 35mm film and camera bundle for getting started in film photography! 🙌🏼

Beginner Bundle - RETO UWS

Already have a camera? We have a 35mm film bundle with three of our top selling films included.

Beginner Bundle


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Gifts For Experimental Film Photographers

One of the things we love about film photographer is the creativity and experimentation it brings. To help film photographers who want to dabble in the experimental a bit more, here are some gifts to assist them in that journey.

The Experimenter's Bundle

This bundle includes the following: 

📸 the Diana Mini camera from Lomography – packed full of creative options like multiple-exposure, half-frame, bulb mode

⚡️ the powerful Flash+ with bonus adapters for mounting it on other film cameras

🎞🎞🎞 three best-selling films capable of producing powerful and unique photographic results

👜 a Compy bag from dubblefilm to keep your camera safe as you go about your daily adventures!

RETO3D 35mm Camera

RETO3D is a 3D film camera that is small, lightweight, and easy-to-use.

It simultaneously captures the same object with three slightly different angles, thanks to the triple-lens design. A 3D effect is then created by stitching the 3 photos together!

You can either edit this effect yourself with Photoshop, or use RETO’s own smartphone app to quickly generate gifs from your scans.

Older members of the film photography community might remember Nimslo or Nishika 3D cameras! While these are still available secondhand, the RETO3D is newly built for today’s 3D analogue shooter 😅

Experimental films

Revolog SnoVlox – The Winter Film

LIMITED EDITION! A perfectly festive Winter 35mm film: with snowflakes appearing delicately all over your images regardless of the real weather situation! A fun film for the cold and dark season, only produced in limited quantities at this time of year. A guaranteed White Christmas.

Washi R Reversal – 35mm Film

Washi R is a truly unique film. It is a black and white reversal emulsion on paper backing!

This means that it returns a strip of paper with positive images ‘printed’ on it.

BKIFI Black & White Hearts – 35mm Film

BKIFI’s Black & White Hearts film will sprinkle your 35mm photographs with classic hearts. Aim to evenly exposure each frame as hearts fade if overexposed.

Lomography XR Redscale – 120 Film

Lomography XR Redscale 120 utilises a quick creative quirk in film manufacturing to give you a dramatic new look for your photography!

For more experimental films, check out this page.

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Gift A 35mm Film Subscription Box

The Analogue WonderBox film subscription is a great present for beginners and experienced film photographers with a 35mm camera! We have 3 tiers to chose from!

Analogue WonderBox subscription

WonderBox – Monthly

Designed for film shooters who shoot a couple of rolls of film every month, and are looking to expand their knowledge and confidence in film.

WonderBox Plus – Monthly

Designed for film shooters who shoot a couple of rolls of film every month, and are looking to expand their knowledge and confidence in film while also enjoying the convenience of having the cost of development rolled into the subscription.

WonderBox Ultimate – Bi Monthly

Analogue Wonderland’s premier 35mm film subscription offering! Designed for film shooters who are ready to dive head-first into the vast array of films available to the modern analogue photographer. 

Will suit film photographers confident exploring everything from reversal film to super-low ISO; expired emulsions to modern classics; timeless monochrome to funky colours.

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Gifts On A Budget

Need a budget gift for your film photography buddy but don’t have a big budget? Look no further. Here are some of our favourite products under £10.

Gifts under £10

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Gifts For The Film Photography Book Worm

We have a selection of the best analogue-inspired film photography magazines on the market today. Premium printing, creative and inspiring.

Film Photography Books

We cannot recommend the Analogue Photography Referencing Manual enough. It is a brilliant book for those who have gathered the basics of film photography and want to extend their knowledge. This is a beautiful illustrated manual covering everything you need to improve your film photography skills.

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Gifts For Film Processing

Along with our professional photo lab, The WonderLab, we also sell home developing kits for film photographers who want to practice the dark arts at home. 

Film Processing Kits

CineStill TCS-1000

The TCS-1000 system allows you to heat up your chemistry to the precise processing temperature, and maintain it during the entire developing session – whether you’re developing B&W, colour negative, colour slide or B&W positive!

The ULTIMATE Film Developing Starter Kit – Includes Chemicals

The Ultimate Developing Starter Kit has been designed to provide you with the essential kit to begin developing at home* INCLUDING a pack of Ilford’s Simplicity Developing chemicals!

The Film Developing Starter Kit

The Developing Starter Kit has been designed to provide you with the essential kit to begin developing at home!


For film photographers who already have all the kit but want to restock on some chems, check out this page.

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Gift Vouchers

Still not sure what to get but know they will LOVE shopping at Analogue Wonderland? Get them a gift voucher. This can be spent on anything including film, cameras and Lab services. 

You can buy digital Gift Vouchers or Physical.

If you have any questions about our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide – or need any help with selecting a gift – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can give us a call, or speak to Hannah directly on the live chat for some more ideas – we will soon have your beloved film shooter walking in an Analogue Wonderland 😉 🎄

We’d love to help in any way we can. Merry Christmas and Happy Shooting!

– Paul and the team

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