Greetings Fellow Film Shooters!
If you listen to the FPP Podcast, you know that in addition to film photography we love coffee, frugality, and a Do-It-Yourself approach.  So, it’s with great pleasure we announce our new caffeine-based Black and White Home Developer: CUP O’ JOE! The handy pouch contains all you need* to process up to 4 rolls of 35mm, 120 or 8 4×5 sheets of BW film, with the extra bonus of reducing caustic chemicals from the process.

And if conversations about alternative film processing really inspire you to DIY it, there are plenty of online recipes for mixing your own Caffenol solution at home, as well as on our very own website. Just scroll down to our “What is Caffenol?” section and links to blogs with recommendations for first-timers.

Keep experimenting and SHOOT FILM!
Michael Raso

*Developing tank and fixer required.

The FPP’s new Caffenol Developer for Black and White Processing at home! CUP O’ JOE is a powder solution in a handy pouch that when mixed with water produces 1 Liter of BW Home Developing solution that will process up to 4 rolls of 35mm, 120 or 8 4×5 sheets of BW film.

Just follow the easy mixing instructions that come with each pouch for a safe, non-caustic way to eliminate the guesswork and wake up your BW home processing.

Please be aware you’ll need a developing tank and fixer to complete this process.

Photo by Eric Swanger / Developed in Cup ‘O Joe Developer

Caffenol is an alternative to traditional chemical film development that uses caffeic acid (usually coffee or tea) and a pH modifier. There are many recipes available online, some of which also include Vitamin C.
According to the Wikipedia, this method of developing photographic film using standard household items was discovered by the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995. And while instant coffee appears to be the most popular primary ingredient, you can also find home development recipes that use beer, red wine and various food items as the primary ingredient.

Commercially available Caffenol products frequently contain instant coffee and washing powder, along with Vitamin C and other ingredients.

Photo by Michael Raso / Developed in Cup ‘O Joe Developer

In the 2013 FPP blog Strange Brew – The Caffenol CM Experiment , Alex Luycks goes full Caffenol DIY with the Caffenol-C-M recipe that requires 500mL water, 50mL washing soda, 8mL vitamin-c powder, 80mL instant coffee and Ilford’s Rapid Fixer. It’s a quick read with valuable insight for first timers (hint: a stinky solution is to be expected, don’t let it deter you!).

In Coffee Break – Develop Film at Home with Caffenol, Darren “Ballard” Riley (check out his music on Band Camp!) embraces his experimental and thrifty side to develop BW photos using only instant coffee, washing soda and water (to great results, especially if you like a “grungy” look!).

If it’s your first time using Caffein to develop at home and / or you want to eliminate the guesswork while eliminating the chemicals, commercially produced Caffenol mixtures like the FPP’s CUP O’ JOE are readily available.

FPP Blue Sensitive BW film As with most blue sensitive films, it renders skin tones as tan or “chromy” as I call it. Canon FTb / Canon FD 20mm f2.8 lens January 15, 2015 Image shot at 1/15th sec f2.8 Processed in Caffenol Cuo ‘O Joe / Epson v700 scan

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