Prepare to be spooked. Shot on Kodak 16mm film, director Sophie Littman’s Cannes-contending short, Sudden Light, follows two sisters, Mia and Squeeze, who are dealing in different ways with their father’s rapidly deteriorating health in hospital. As they take their dog for a walk in the wintery fields nearby their rural home, they gradually become lost – familiar surroundings begin to warp and shift around them, spiralling them deeper into panic, forcing them to confront their emotions, while a strange man lurks at the edge of a dark wood.

Shot on a micro-budget of £20,000, by DP Nick Morris, and supported by BFI Network and Wellington Films, Sudden Light is officially selected for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film Competition, where it will have its world premiere. The film stars Esme Creed-Miles as Mia, Millie Ashford as Squeeze, and Sam Spruell as a sinister stranger.

“I always wanted to shoot Sudden Light on film,” says Littman, a self-confessed devotee of analog production, whose previous credits include the short 16mm short Jellyfish (2016), which she shot in-camera using her own vintage, much-used and weather-beaten Canon Scoopic 16mm camera.

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