Visual references for the film included Arnaud Desplechin’s Comment Je Me Suis Disputé… (Ma Vie Sexuelle) (1996, DPs Stéphane Fontaine AFC, Eric Gautier AFC, Dominique Perrier-Royer AFC) for the way the cinematography follows a group of friends and deals with their conversations, as well as the pace of the editing.

Loeb says more abstract inspiration also came from Borgli’s desire to play on the false memory that exists in Norway, about separate paintings by two of the country’s most beloved artists – Christian Krohg’s ‘Sick Girl’ (1881) and Edvard Munch’s ‘The Sick Child’ (1907) – with their harrowing and socially-polemical portrayals of the dark underbelly of modern industrial society.

Sick of Myself was filmed during the summer months of 2021, over the course of 30, eight-hour shooting days, starting at locations around in Oslo for the first 20, before switching to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the remainder of the production, where scenes in Signe and Thomas’s apartment were captured.

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