Great films and TV shows – those that effectively communicate the desired message and vision of the director – come from a magical blend of ideas and technology. With an understanding of the tools and techniques available, the talented cinematographer can truly realize those ambitions.

Never was this truer than for DP Evelin van Rei, who was charged with shooting a series of vividly evocative reminiscence sequences, working as second unit DP for Channel 4’s gripping, four-part, true-crime drama Deceit, using KODAK Super 8mm film.

The series itself explores one of the most calamitous cases in British police history: the investigation into the 1992 murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common, London, and the dubious ethics of a ‘honeytrap’ designed to catch the apparent culprit as part of what was known as Operation Edzell.

In the critically acclaimed show, Irish actress Niamh Algar portrays an undercover female officer, alias Lizzie James, who is determined to rise through the ranks and prove her worth by taking part in a sting in which she becomes sexual bait for the suspected killer. However, that suspect, Colin Stagg, was wrongfully charged and later acquitted as innocent, and the case went cold until 2008 when the real perpetrator, Robert Napper, was identified and convicted of the gruesome crime.

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