Welcome to our latest competition – in partnership with Kodak Alaris 🏆 This time we would like to see your photos taken on the excellent Kodak Ultramax 35mm film

Ultramax is a colour negative emulsion with enough sensitivity to cope with the darker winter days, but will spring to life when the sun peeps through! With vibrant colours and excellent flexibility, Kodak Ultramax deserves its place at the top of Kodak’s consumer film range.

If this is your first film photography competition then I offer you a very special welcome! 🥳 

At Analogue Wonderland we love to help folks find inspiration through film photography, and the aim of this competition is to celebrate your creativity and passion. We will be sharing some of our favourite images across our social platforms throughout the coming weeks so please get involved and support your fellow film shooters!



Competition Details

The competition goes live on Thursday 19th January 2023 and closes on Sunday 19th February 2023.

The images will be judged by a panel including a representative from Kodak Alaris and there will be two Grand Prizes available – although historically we can usually persuade Kodak to select a couple of Special Mentions as well 😅

The Grand Prizes will contain a selection of Kodak film and goodies, as well as a voucher for development with Analogue Wonderland.


Enter the Competition

If you’d like to enter the competition then upload your Ultramax photos through the form below. You can upload multiple images – there is no limit to the number per person! – but you must have taken the photograph yourself, and it must have been taken on Kodak Ultramax.

You don’t need to have taken the photos during the period of the competition. Of course that’s what we’d like to encourage – experimentation and creativity inspired by the focus on Ultramax! – but you can submit past images as well.

The winners will be announced in early March after the competition has closed and the judges have had time to look through all the entries.





Deals to Support the Competition

We are running special deals to help reduce the cost of shooting film to enter the competition.

Unfortunately we are limited by stock (an ongoing global issue) – but for the duration of the competition we have dropped the price of a single roll of Kodak Ultramax to £10, and the price of a 3-pack to £28.

We have also dropped the price of developing colour 35mm film by 50p/roll when ordered through the website: just head here and choose your service! Incidentally this price applies to all colour 35mm film, not just Ultramax 😊 it felt a bit mean to restrict it when Ultramax stock is so tight.

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