Greetings Fellow Film Shooters!

There’s a chill in the air as Halloween approaches…and that means it’s time to announce the newest entry in FPP’s Monster Film Series, inspired by the best-loved monsters of classic literature and cinema!

This year’s release is a panchromatic BW film with the same great look of our 16mm movie film, named after the most ferocious, hair-raising monster of all time: the Wolfman!  With 35mm, 120 – and even 620! – options, vintage camera shooters are sure to howl with delight.

And that’s not all – we’ve even brought back Dracula 35 and IT! (Color IT-n film)!

Here’s wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween season!

You can see our entire line of MONSTER FILM HERE!


Available in Three Formats: 35mm, 120 and 620

Wolfman 35 – 1 Roll of Classic 35mm BW Film – $9.99 (with code $7.99)

35mm / BW / 24 exp / 100 iso / No DX Code / Process BW

Wolfman 120 – 1 Roll of Classic BW 120 Film – $10.99 (with code $8.99)

120 / BW / 100 iso / Process BW

Wolfman 620 – 1 Roll of Classic BW 620 Film – $14.99 (with code $12.99)

620 / BW / 100 iso / Process BW – Perfect for your 620 Brownie or other 620 camera!

DRAC’S BACK – FPP’s Original Monster Film has Risen from the Grave!

Dracula 35 – 1 Roll BW 35mm Film – $9.99 (with code $7.99)

35mm / Hand-rolled / BW / 24 exp / 64 iso / No DX Code / Process BW

FPP’s Dracula35 is a chillingly strong choice for almost any situation and will work in any automatic or compact camera. The flat mylar base means you’ll get uncannily good scans, every time.


Fujifilm IT-N – 1 Roll 35mm Color Film – $14.99 (with code $12.99)

35mm / 24 exp / iso 6 / no DX coding / Cold-stored Expired / Process C-41

Originally designed to make negatives from slides, now adapted for your favorite 35mm camera! This unique super low-speed film yields unusual skin tones and a ghoulish green glow. Great for broad daylight and long exposure night shots (tripod suggested). Supply is limited, so grab yours now!

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