Today, Ilford launches their popular wallet-friendly Kentmere film in medium format! The black and white film that aims to deliver a good balance of performance and value is stepping up in size.

The company which manufactures some of the most beloved black and white films available today is now targeting photographers looking to save money while still maintaining consistent top quality work.

Ilford says, ‘It is worth noting with both films that unlike all our ILFORD films, they are not intended as ‘professional’ films, yet can still create results all professionals would be proud of.’

The panchromatic black and white film will be available in both 100 ISO and 400 ISO versions. Similar to the 35mm versions, Kentmere 100 features a fine grain and great sharpness while Kentmere 400 is faster with more grain, less contrast, but a wider latitude.

Ilford mentions Kentmere 400 is excellent for “push” ability, which can extend the range of lighting conditions the film can be shot under. They would recommend only pushing about a stop though, compared to some of their other films that can be pushed a few stops.

paris restaurant in black and white film

Photographed by Molly Kate in Paris on the Champs-Élysées

Kentmere 120 is expected to retail around £4.90 per roll, but as the individual resellers set the retail price, this is subject to change depending on distributors. This is competitive with the current retail price of black and white film like Fomapan 100 and 400 which goes for a range of £4.37-£5.75 (source: prices compared at Analogue Wonderland, Bristol Cameras (UK), and Silverprint UK for example purposes).

To read or watch a review of this film, head on over to our full review article here to see sample images and thoughts on the film.

You should be able to find the film at your usual Ilford film retailer but it is also available on Ilford’s direct website here for UK and US customers.

For photographers sharing their results on social media, check out and use the following tags: #kentmere400 #kpan400 #kentmere100 #kpan100

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