Are you desperately hoping for some film photography goodies under your tree but are slightly concerned that Santa / family / friends might not quite understand the specific type of film you’re after? That they might get confused between 120 and 110 formats, or head down a rabbit hole of Polaroid cameras?

I mean, it’s totally fair enough – the analogue world can be confusing and Santa has lots of things on his plate in December!

But worry no more 😁 We’re here to help you with TWO easy methods of removing all possible sources of confusion



Method 1: Pre-Written Letter

The analogue method! 

Simply download the blank letter from this link here – fill in the relevant sections and leave it around the house for natural discovery, or pop it in the postbox with a stamp to the North Pole.

See below for an example letter from Paul…


Letter to Santa 2022



Method 2: Wishlist

If you don’t have time or access to a printer, then you can get all modern with one of our website features 😎

On both our website and our mobile app you can click a little heart on each product page to add that product to a ‘Wishlist’

When you’ve build up a couple of items you can send that wishlist to any email address or phone number 🎉


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