Lupus Imaging & Media, the company now behind the AgfaPhoto brand and APX black and white films, has brought us a new fixed-focus half-frame camera with a 50mm F5.6 lens.

The AgfaPhoto Half Frame 35mm camera is similar to what we have seen in the Kodak Ektar H35 from the Reto Project, but for approximately half the price, depending on the retailer. Lupus Imaging & Media does not sell direct, so check with your local retailers to see if they have it in stock. In the UK, Pattern Cameras are selling it currently for 24.95 GBP while Bristol Cameras has it stocked at 37 GBP.

Complete with built-in flash, the only manual component of this camera is the wind and rewind. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/120 and the aperture is fixed at F5.6. The camera is compatible with ISO 200, 400, and 800 films. It requires one AAA battery to power the flash only. The camera will still operate everything except the flash without the battery. Packaged within the box is a cloth carry case and strap already attached.

AgfaPhoto Half Frame Camera product image

Image provided by Lupus Imaging & Media

As this is a half-frame camera, it will produce 72 frames with a 36-exposure roll or 48 on a 24-exposure roll of 35mm film.

two photos side by side of a train station taken on the agfaphoto half frame camera

Sample Images taken on the AgfaPhoto Half Frame Camera – by Molly Kate

Pattern Cameras says the camera was released around Christmas time by the AgfaPhoto brand, but the release hasn’t yet circulated as widely as the Kodak Ektar H35 did. Yet, it is much the same camera with the primary difference being price.

To find the camera at Pattern Cameras, head over to their eBay shop here. It can also be found at Bristol Cameras here as well. For folks outside of the UK, check in with your local retailer to see if they might be stocking this camera.

Lupus Imaging & Media has a video available on their Youtube channel to help customers learn how to load film into the camera-type which you can see at this link here. To find more information about the company based on Germany, head over to the website link here.

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