The Film Photography Project has released a new low-ISO color film in 35mm still form, 16mm motion picture format, and even a 16mm magazine option!

Appropriately named SUN Color, the film’s ISO of 1 makes it ideal for any bright lighting conditions. FPP says the color negative film features a unique color palette of “moody blues and vibrant reds” as the film was originally intended for technical use in a lab to make contact prints. Retailing at $11.99 (USD), the price is competitive in the 35mm color film market with rising prices and limited availability in certain places.

Sun Color Film cannister
Image courtesy of the Film Photography Project

In 35mm still format, cartridges are loaded with 24 exposures and the film can be processed in C-41 chemistry. Common with FPP films, there is no DX Code on the film cartridge, so a manual ISO setting would be helpful here. For cameras that don’t have an ISO 1 option, FPP recommends setting the ISO to 25 and adjusting the aperture by 5 f-stops or using a handheld light meter.

person lounging outside in the sun
Image courtesy of the Film Photography Project

Sun Color is available in 16mm with two options; a double perforated 100 ft roll or a 50 ft magazine. Unlike the 35mm format, the 16mm film is meant to be processed in ECN-2 chemistry. The magazine is sold in a bundle for $79.99 (USD), meaning FPP will send customers the film but also develop and scan in-house. However, this option is only available to US customers.

16mm magazine on white background
Image per Film Photography Project website

The 16mm 100 ft double perforated option is available in a similar development and scan bundle for $130 (USD) or can be purchased as the film only for $60.99.

FPP says, “SUN Color Double Perf color negative film is for all 16mm cameras that accept a 100 ft daylight spool. Magazine 16 FPP SUN Color is for all 16mm Cameras that accept a Kodak 16mm Magazine.”

They caution the film will not work in 8mm Bolex or other 8mm cameras.

flowers blooming from a bushy plant shot on sun color film
Image courtesy of the Film Photography Project

To check out the film on FPP’s website, head over via this link here. The Film Photography Project is an organization dedicated to ‘all film, all the time‘. Founded in 2009 by Michael Raso, the organization aims to educate and inspire photographers to discover and embrace the beauty of analogue film. It’s a positive step for film photography to see them bringing to life new color film options!

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