Reto Project announces the latest 35mm colour film stocks to hit the block, RETOCOLOR GLOW and AQUA. Featuring low contrast in both films, what differentiates these two are their unique hues. As you might conclude from the names, Glow emits a mild warmth while Aqua shows off its cool nature with a bluer colour cast.

AQUA and GLOW have an ISO of 400 and arrive in canisters loaded with 27 exposures. The film rolls already have the appropriate DX code sticker attached. When photographers have completed shooting the roll, it can be processed in the commonly available C41 chemistry at a film lab or with a home-developing kit available at many analogue retailers.

Reto Project GLOW and AQUA new color films mood shot
Image Courtesy of Reto Project

The retail price Reto Project suggests ranges from USD 13.99 to 14.99, but this may change at certain retailers depending on localized costs.

On Instagram stories, Reto (@reto.project) has announced stores across the world where the film will be stocked. However, if you are not on the platform, you can also find this list on Reto’s website on their Worldwide Dealers page linked here. They have confirmed the following shops are currently stocking Glow and Aqua:

  • Japan: Champ Camera – @champ_camera
  • New Zealand: Splendid Photo – @splendid_nz
  • Vietnam: SecondFar Lab – @secondfar.lab
  • Canada: Don’s Photo – @donsphotoltd
  • Taiwan: Molly Lifestyle – @mollylifestyle
  • UK: Analogue Wonderland – @analoguewonderland

GLOW and AQUA are both created from an emulsion stock that is made in Germany. Reto says the films provide that retro aesthetic suitable for people who are looking for special effects or unique colour tones to work with.

GLOW sample image of a residential hallway with light flooding in
Image Courtesy of Reto Project – GLOW sample image

GLOW sample image of motorists on an urban street
Image Courtesy of Reto Project – GLOW sample image
AQUA sample image - bike and walking lane urban street with orange cones
Image Courtesy of Reto Project – AQUA sample image

AQUA sample image - car parked on an urban street
Image Courtesy of Reto Project – AQUA sample image

Talking to Reto, they mention the enthusiasm around film photography from consumers and hobbyists to stores and businesses encourages them to continue to develop new products. Hoping that the fresh products will also bring in new shooters, the team strives to work on creating a bigger, stronger film community.

Read more about the company and their new films on their website here. Don’t forget to use their hashtags #Retocolor #RetoAqua400 #RetoGlow400 if you share images taken on GLOW or AQUA on social media.

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