We’ve been teasing it for a while, and I can now happily announce that we have a top-of-the-range Epson drylab photo printer installed and operational within the WonderLab!

I firmly believe that the final form for your photography is a physical print and it has always been our goal to bring photo printing into the system. It’s taken us a while to get to this stage because we’ve decided to do things in a slightly different way 😁

Rather than asking customers to commit to photo prints before they’ve seen the negatives, we’ve built the ordering system so that you get to see your scans first… and then decide what prints you want.


Not only will this lead to less waste of papers, inks, electricity etc – it will also allow our team to make any necessary tweaks to the digital files out of the scanner (see: Editing Film Scans in the Wonderlab) so that your prints are as perfect as possible.

This isn’t possible in the traditional way of photo printing, where prints come straight from scanner with only the initial rough ‘in machine’ edits applied. And if you’re going to make prints of your photography, we believe they should be a true reflection of your creative vision!

Epson DryLab

Our beautiful printer 😍



How does it work?

We’re still at the testing stage – so if you’re reading this then thank you for your interest and I hope you can help us perfect the process.

Step 1: have a film developed and scanned by the WonderLab (you can skip this stage if you’ve already had a film scanned and uploaded by us in the past 6 months or so)

Step 2: log into ‘My Photos‘ to see the scans

Step 3: select which images you’d like to be printed, and click ‘Print Options’ to choose the size, finish and border

Step 4: add to cart

That’s it!

Photo Print: how-to


You can read more about the different printing options, prices etc in our Printing FAQs here 😊



How can I help?

As you can imagine, doing things differently to the way that the original (1990s) photo lab workflow was designed has meant a lot of highly-customised work. Website coding, different systems inside our lab, figuring out how to insert the editing between scans and prints, pretty much everything.

We’ve done tons of testing – printing out loads of our own favourite photos in the process – and we’ve loved it 😅

But I’d be daft to believe that we’ve caught every single bug and issue. So I’d love you to be part of the first wave of ‘real life’ customers who get involved and try it out.

When you’ve headed to ‘My Photos’ area and placed an order then I’d be truly grateful if you fill out the short feedback form below to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you so much!
– Paul


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