No more neon glows and gas station signs for you, not if you plan on shooting this new limited edition redscale film from the folks over at Cinestill Film in the US.

Made from their signature Cinestill 800T film (Kodak VISION3 500T motion picture film with the remjet pre-removed), Cinestill’s new medium format REDRUM 120 redscale film is in a one-horse race, you might say.

REDRUM 120 redscale might not be the only medium format redscale film currently on the market (say hello to Lomography’s Redscale XR) but it does come with a unique twist: Cinestill’s “pre-removal” process.

This process removes the motion picture film’s protective remjet coating, which also has the knock-on effect of removing the film’s anti-halation protection. The result are the glowing lights, halos, and “blobs” that have come to characterise the film over the years.

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With its anti-halation layer removed and shot normally, Cinestill 800T is a unique-looking film. With it removed and the film “flipped” to make it redscale, the results are something I’ve not seen on redscale film before, “normal” colour redscale or my own bulk loaded motion picture redscale rolls.

Check out these night/low light examples to see what I mean:

The results, monochromatic reds, oranges, and even blindingly bright yellows, are exactly what I expected to see after reading Cinestill’s embargoed press release, and you’ll be glad to know that the film seems as flexible in daylight as other redscale options allowing elements of whites, greens and even sepia tones into the mix.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with this and can’t wait to test the film’s response to being shot across a broad range of speeds.

Cinestill REDRUM is available right now in 120 medium format from Cinestill’s website for US$13.99 per roll plus shipping. It’s factory spooled and like other Cinestill colour negative films, can be lab-processed in C-41 chemistry.

~ EM

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